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At the Earthgen Tree Nursery, we believe the best tree has superior survivability with fast growing results.


We grow our trees for Conservation Authorities, Restoration Projects, City Developers, Agri-Farmers as well as the home gardener or arborist.


People from all these sectors love Earthgen Trees because they survive the elements, establish well and produce fruit earlier all while growing exceptionally faster than the average bare root tree.


Watch our video to learn about Earthgen

and why our trees are better.

About Earthgen

Our container grown native trees are grown with survivability in mind. We wanted to offer you a stronger healthier tree in less time or as we say "Better Trees Faster!".


As technology and knowledge evolve, the practices of Earthgen International Ltd. continue to evolve. As growers, our goals are to protect the environment in which we live and ensure our business is healthy. To achieve these goals we have evolved beyond traditional horticultural practices and progressed into the future with EARTHGEN's EMIPP Technology.
Growers have been using conventional planting containers for hundreds of years all over the world, without knowing such containers would negatively affect plant production and quality.

Because containers in which plants are grown confine plant root systems in limited spaces, the biophysical interactions of roots and containers are critically important. We believe that with EARTHGEN's EMIPP Technology in horticultural practices can bring revolutionary impacts on green industry markets worldwide by producing not only trees, but plants as well, with superior growth in the shortest period of time.

Effective air-pruning by EARTHGEN, means the plant receives nutrition more efficiently producing a greater root mass in less growing time. Since shoot-to-root ratios are constant, larger root masses equal larger plants, resulting in significantly increased yields and quality for every crop.

In the Spring of 2007 Earthgen Tree Nursery took this EARTHGEN Technology and combined it with a Natural Growing Process, producing an eco-friendly tree, now known as our EARTHGEN Tree. A faster growing tree with a extensive fibrous root system having outstanding survivability.

EMIPP Technology

Bad root system
Best root system

Earthgen's EMIPP root system

Traditional Bare root system

EMIPP stands for Early Maturity Inducement Plant Process.


Earthgen's EMIPP technology rapidly matures trees by developing their roots very quickly. These trees mature in half the time of normal bare root trees.

The extensive root system significantly enhances the survival and production rates of our Earthgen trees allowing for fast and continuous growth with outstanding adaptability.



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