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Picking the right tree

Here at Earthgen Tree Nurseries we grow a wide selection of native North American Trees and non-native species, each of which will grow best in certain conditions.

What tree will grow best in a given condition depends mainly on two factors; the DRAINAGE (Moisture/Water Content) and SOIL COMPOSITION (Soil Type/Density) of the area.

Chart Source: Grand River Conservation Authority

You can view the species we grow here, however, availability is dependent on year and season.

Planting Your New Tree

Now you have picked out your tree and are ready to plant!

It might seem like a simple task, but more often than not someone makes the mistake of planting the tree either too deep or too shallow, not watering enough or too much, and not mulching or protecting them properly.

In this video we go through the easy steps it will take to plant your new tree to ensure it establishes and grows well.

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