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Earthgen Hazelnut trees exhibit higher profitability faster within the first 10 years of plantation growth. This is because of Earthgen's EMIPP technology, producing trees which establish better and produce fruit earlier than traditional bare-root trees. 

In the case of Hazelnut trees, the Earthgen EMIPP will realize a 4 year advantage in reaching full yield and will reduce the financial break even point from 8 years to 4 years.


The study showed Yamhill Hazelnut trees deliver twice the yield of other Hazelnut trees. Yields of 40 pounds per tree are expected instead of the normal 20 pounds. However, these trees must be diluted with pollinators, and as such the average yield over an acre

(per tree) is expected to be 30 pounds or so.


Yamhill and Jefferson variety Hazelnut trees are blight and cold resistant and produce a superior nut for roasting. Only 200 trees can be planted per acre - actual planting density might be as high as 270/acre. Hazelnut trees have a production lifetime of 80+ years.



The image on the right is an ideal acre layout of a hazelnut plantation, easy to implement because of the ease of tiling the layout and the main thing to consider is that this makes harvesting easier.


Each layout is made of three varieties of compatible male and female hazelnut trees, but multiple vareties of polinators can be used.


Plantations may come in all shapes and sizes,

give us a call
and we can help personalize a set up for you!


Need help Visualizing?

If you are thinking about starting your own Hazelnut plantation, the following information can guide you

through the costs and profitability expected over multiple years and how your plantation should ideally be set up.


If you need help figuring out your plantation's set up or which varieties you should use,  call us!

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